Space for Clinic

How to Choose the Ideal Space for your Skin Care Clinic

For any business, the location and the space plays a great role in its success or failure. This is especially true for a skin care clinic which is fully client centric in nature and has to ensure that it is up to certain high standards, both in terms of internal aesthetics and location. An office space that is tucked away in a corner of a commercial area is not an issue as the employees are those that will be primarily concerned with it. However, a skin care clinic has to have a specific marketing strategy customised for clients in which being in a prime location is definitely one of the defining factors.

The ideal space for your skin care clinic can be considered from a variety of perspectives.

  • Location – Choose a location that is near your home as you wouldn’t want to spend large periods of your time everyday just commuting. Decide on the target clientele that you will be catering to. Opening a clinic in a posh area may put off customers who may think your services will be way above their affordability. Conversely, opening a clinic in a rundown location can give an impression of sub-standard services. The trick is to strike the right balance and choose a neighbourhood that will attract patrons from all strata of society. Further, ensure that your clinic is easily visible from the main roads and that it has adequate parking space and frontage for signs.
  • Demographics – Decide on the demographic attributes and age and income factors of your target clients and choose space for your clinic accordingly. A residential locale should be ideal where you can offer your services to clients from all age groups. In the polluted environments of today, skin rejuvenation procedures done on IPL laser machines and microdermabrasion machines are not only availed by the aged and the elderly; young people also opt for such processes.

However, you should give special thought to the average income of the surrounding population. Your services, especially the high end ones carried out on top of the line equipment sourced from leading importer and distributor will definitely not be cheap. You have to therefore choose a locality where the average income of the population will be good enough to avail your services.

  • Competition – Take the standard of the competition into account before finalising the location of your skin care clinic. While it is not necessary that you have to pick a place where your clinic will be first off the blocks, it is also true that a plethora of existing ones will make it that much harder for you to establish your business quickly. You can of course get around this problem by offering exceptionally good and exclusive services on high end and technologically advanced equipment but then again, that will entail a large initial investment. Pick on a place that has moderate number of skin care clinics and you can pull ahead of the others swiftly.
  • Interiors – It is not only the exteriors that you should focus on, the interior available space will be a big factor in offering optimised customer service to your patrons. From the time a client walks in through the door, he/she should feel comfortable and at ease which is not possible if your working space is crammed and claustrophobic. You should make sure of adequate ventilation, sufficient number of washrooms for staff and customers and enough space for mobility in service cabins. Further, you should plan for the future too. Select a space that is at least about 20% more than your present requirements.

Finally, the first location that meets all your requirements should not be your ultimate choice. Make a list of 2 to 3 likely spots and weigh the individual pros and cons carefully before signing on the dotted line.